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I was first introduced to water aerobics while I was in college. Shocked by how much fun I had exercising and losing 20 pounds, I became a water fitness instructor during the summer following my freshman year. I continued to teach water aerobics while at college and at home over the summer - I even worked for the sports branch of the German University I attended as an exchange student my junior year!

Once finished with my college degree, I studied computer science post-graduate and went to work in the software programming/IT industry. I truly learned a lot during those years, but my passion for fitness remained and continued to strengthen. The more I learned about fitness and exercise, the more I wanted to work with people to break out of the frustration and confusion that dominates our popular culture. Our society is so focused around fast food and watching television, and people wonder why they don't look like the people they see in media and advertisements!

As a military brat, I spent my formative years outside of the United States where fast food was a rarity. Television was usually in a foreign language, so we watched it a little, but there was no cable and really not much of interest to see.

Growing up, my mother educated me about the amount of calories in various foods. I learned the basics of weight loss and weight gain... that is, if you consume more calories than you burn, you will gain weight; if you consume fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight. As basic as this concept is, it seems to be not well understood at all.

If people realized how much work it is to burn off the calories in many of the foods they eat, would they continue to eat them? Some, of course, but they would be likely to choose more wisely or to realize that a small portion of something they really want may taste just as good but not be as hard to reconcile within their diet/activity regimen.

Personally, I love to bake... not only that, I love to bake extravagant chocolate desserts! And I eat them! I know that while I continue to exercise and eat sensibly (try to get those 5-a-day of fruits and vegetables!), there is room for some chocolate extravagance in my diet (thank goodness!).

I married in 1996, and I think my husband is convinced I'm a nut because of the way I never miss teaching my aerobics classes... but I love it! I can have the worst day, and I will feel like a new person after my class!

I continued my weight training regimen and teaching water aerobics through two pregnancies, right up to the day I went into the hospital. While I have a little more struggle now finding time to fit everything in, I know my life does not feel complete without my workouts. Being active, fit, and strong is part of who I am. I feel more confident, more empowered when I know that I am staying on top of what I need to do for my health.

It's not easy... but that isn't the point -- it is definitely worth it!

Yours in Health,

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