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Of course, every endeavor has its associated gear these days. Technological advances yield new gadgets that work their way into our lives to keep us on track and in touch. So, of course, there are tools to help us work our way to better fitness - even when we're not actually working out.

I have tested and continue to research various gadgets that measure activity and calculate or estimate energy expended (calories burned) during exercise and while performing daily activities.

The CalTrac™ Calorie Counter and Polar Heart Rate Monitors are two of the most powerful tools available today to increase your motivation and fine-tune your programs.

The CalTrac provides minute-by-minute feed back on the number of calories you expend through daily activity. This convenient device can be worn throughout the day to measure activity all day.

Heart rate monitors measure the intensity of your workout by tracking the number of times your heart beats per minute. Other functions of heart rate monitors vary greatly based on the activities for which they are designed. My preference is the monitors that will also estimate calories burned during activity, because heart rate monitors are water resistant, but other calorie tracking devices are not.

Get In Gear...

• Weekly Coaching Session with your Trainer
• Heart Rate Monitor
• CalTrac™ Calorie Counter
• 24-Hour Support
• No down time to travel, illness or vacation

...And Go!

With expert guidance, you’ll use these tools to quickly learn what activities are most effective for you and burn the most calories.
Vary the intensity of your exercise to get better, quicker and longer-lasting results.
Record your daily progress in your fitness diary for review each week and to chart goals for the following week.
This program is designed to get you results and fit into your busy lifestyle and schedule.

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Begin your GUARANTEED workout SUCCESS now. What have you got to lose!?

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