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Weekly remote Fitness Coaching is ideal for busy, results-oriented people who are looking for a highly effective, convenient, and affordable way to improve their fitness.

Why waste your time and money hiring someone to watch you walk on your treadmill ...or do a bicep curl?

You already know how to exercise... that's not the problem. Instead, you probably need help with staying accountable, staying motivated, putting together the proper amounts and intensities of cardio excercise and weight training, and help with making changes in your eating habits to support fat loss and muscle tone.

Get results you want without hassles you don't want!

Individual Programs

One-Time Fitness Consultation
Are you interested in a professional assessment of your current program and advice for specific changes to target your goals?
Whether you are trying to lose weight, improve your bench press max, increase your cardiovascular fitness or endurance - whatever your goals, find greater insight from 12 years of experience in personal and group fitness, strength training and bodybuilding, running, and weight management consulting can provide.


Kick-Start Packages

Learn firsthand the many features and benefits of Fitness for Real Life Programs. This Package includes the following services and products...

  1. 12, 18, or 24 weeks of one-on-one Fitness Coaching
  2. Fitness Coaching Starter Kit
  3. 24 hour hotline support; calls returned within 24 hours
  4. Polar heart rate monitor ($120 value)
  5. CalTrac Calorie monitor/Accelerometer ($90 value)

Enjoy pricing discounts for packages including a higher number of weeks. The length of your package should be based on your goals.

More packages coming soon for

  • Families - focus on getting kids more active! Get the whole family moving toward better fitness and better health
  • Pre and Postnatal exercise programming - Benefits from exercise during pregnancy are better the earlier you start... even before you conceive! Fitness improves energy levels and enhances sleep along with many other benefits.
  • Wedding - Sometimes we just need a deadline to really get us moving! Women and Men can benefit from this package to help you get ready for your big day.

Special I knew you when... discount! Receive a special discount if you can tell me, "Janet, I knew you when...."

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Janet has been a fitness professional for over 12 years